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At Medispecs Camden, we conduct FULL AND COMPREHENSIVE eye examinations, and we can detect a variety of eye conditions, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and dry eye.  We can also prepare referrals to specialists for treatment of medical conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration


Myopia is one of the common refractive errors of the eye; it allows you to see clearly up close, but not very well far away. Some symptoms of myopia include blurry vision in the distance, squinting, eye strain and headaches. Myopia can be corrected with prescription glasses or contact lenses. 

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Hyperopia is a refractive error that allows you to see clearly in the distance, but not very well up close. Some symptoms of hyperopia include blurry vision up close, squinting, headaches and tired/sore eyes after prolonged up-close tasks. 

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Astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of the cornea. Rather than being spherical, the cornea has a flat curve from end to end and a steep curve around the middle. Some symptoms of astigmatism include blurred vision at all distances, headaches, squinting and eye strains after periods of prolonged near focus. 

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Presbyopia is an age-related condition that makes it difficult to focus on nearby objects. Symptoms of presbyopia include headaches, fatigue, eye strain and having to hold reading materials further away to see them. Presbyopia can be corrected with reading glasses, half glasses, bifocals or multifocals.

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Regular eye testing is a good preventative measure to avoid developing glaucoma. The different types of glaucoma include open angle, closed angle and normal tension. Left untreated, all types of glaucoma can cause nerve damage and permanent loss of vision. In many cases, glaucoma can be easily and successfully managed with eye drops. 

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Macular degeneration is an age-related, incurable eye disease, ranging from blurriness to complete vision loss in the central area. Macular degeneration can make it hard to read, drive or recognise faces. Regular eye testing, quitting smoking and maintaining a good diet are good preventative measures. 

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A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that leads to poor vision. Symptoms include blurry vision, trouble seeing at night, faded colours, trouble with bright light or halos around lights. The cloudy lens can be surgically removed and replaced with a specially designed plastic lens. 

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Dry eye syndrome occurs when your tear ducts don’t adequately produce tears. Symptoms include frequent watering and running, blurry vision, dryness, burning and tired eyes. A regime of regular eye drops can provide relief and improved vision.

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No one can supply a better-fitting or better looking pair of specs or contact lenses than our team. We also perform minor repairs on the spot for no charge. 

We provide our customers with choice by sourcing the latest trends in eyewear from Australia and overseas. We stock an extensive range of designer brands, which we continually update to provide you with the best quality product and value for your money.

Optical & Sunglasses Brands: Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue, Ray-Ban, Oroton and Morrissey. In optical only, we also have Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sass & Bide, Calvin Klein, Wayne Cooper, Lacoste and New York Yankees 

Sunglasses Only Brands: Maui Jim, Oakley, Bollé and Cancer Council

Additional Products We Sell: Illuminated Magnifiers, Spec Cords, Cleaners, Anti-Fog Sticks and Spec Cases

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